Yeah, I was a fatass!


My fat picture is normally followed by this look: friday  All right, all right….I know I looked like a dude!  But yes, that really was me – a large chubby girl at about 5’1″ and 160 lbs.  I was 15 years old in this photo and fat, depressed, and lonely.

My biggest problem was that I was binging constantly – I couldn’t stop thinking about food, and when I finally got my hands on some, I ate until I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to throw up.  I was addicted to food, and hated myself for it.

I decided to take small steps towards losing weight.  The first and only thing I started doing was …. (drum roll)…. drinking LOTS and LOTS of water!  Sounds silly, but I wasn’t even big on beverages to begin with, so cutting down on orange juice and soda was not a big deal and it definitely cut down on my calories a lot.  Not only that, water fills you up FAST.  Drinking water constantly helped keep me full and I really wasn’t able to binge even if I wanted to because I was full from water already.  So, if you are stuck in a rut with no direction and no hope, my first suggestion would be to drink water throughout the day, and especially before indulging in food.

Here are my before and after pictures, side by side:

I truly believe that you can take control of your life if you set your mind to it.  I once had the mindset that I was just meant to be fat and that I could never lose weight.  But after repeatedly telling myself that I was determined to lose weight, I proved to myself that I am in control of my own destiny, and that I can be a testimony to others who are living the same struggle I once did.


10 responses to “Yeah, I was a fatass!

  1. You are living proof that if you want to look toned and be motivated those are steps that can/will be beneficial for you to reach your goals. I’m proud to know someone who understands these things and wants to help others achieve the same dreams. 🙂


  3. You look great! I pray to get where you are. I know what you’re saying is the truth with regards to water because I was small most of my life until I hit thirty. When I look back to when I was thin I recall drinking a lot of water. So much that I didn’t eat as much as I do now. Hope it works for me again cause I foots lose my muffin top. Thanks for this article it helped me remember 🙂

  4. Great bio. Very cute. You didn’t look like a dude (lol) just like a girl who stopped caring about herself. But that looks like its way in pass vaults. You look super fit now! Congrats.

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