The secret to losing those last 10 pounds! Are you ready?

Allright, here we go!  The secret to losing those stubborn 10 pounds is….to EAT RIGHT!.

(Face palm).  Sucks, doesn’t it?

I can speak from personal experience.  I floated around 135 pounds for the longest time – about average weight for my height, but I would never EVER have felt comfortable in a bathing suit.  Even though I was eating relatively healthy, I could NOT for the life of me lose any weight!

To lose my last 10 pounds, I decided to cut out

  • bread, rice, and noodles
  • sweets (including my all time favorite – cheesecake)
  • processed foods
  • cheese

After doing more research, I realized this was the exact same diet as the Paleo diet!  For those that aren’t familiar, the Paleo diet is a diet that mimics what cavemen ate way back in the day.  They relied on fruits, nuts, meat, and vegetables for their food.  They didn’t have muffins with their daily vanilla latte, no bag of chips to munch on, and therefore were able to keep a lean, agile figure.  The only difference was that the Paleo diet said no dairy allowed…so I decided to roll with that as well.  I cut out milk, cheese, and yogurt.

This site here really helped me get started:

An example of my daily meals would be:

Breakfast: scrambled egg whites, 2 Morning Star veggie patties, 1 cup orange juice
Snack: fruit
Lunch: turkey kielbasa with mixed vegetables, or a fruit salad
Snack: fruit
Dinner: grilled chicken with mixed vegetables
Dessert: yes….fruit, again

It was incredible to feel the change in my body as I started dropping pounds.  I felt like I had more energy, and I felt fuller for longer.  It took me about 3 months to lose 10 pounds.  Keep in mind I was consistently working out as well, but didn’t change my workout routine at all.

Here is a before and after pic – No full body pictures, but you can definitely tell by my face that I lost weight!
before and after face

(Ignore the Costco hot dog)

So there you have it!  Last 10 pounds – GONE!


4 responses to “The secret to losing those last 10 pounds! Are you ready?

  1. Hi Grace! This is Kathleen. Not sure if you remember me, probably havent seen you in a few years and even before that probably only met a few times. I saw your blog via Jason Chan’s share on fb. Love that you’re writing about this! So I would say I have about 5 lbs I can lose but I’m not that serious about it I guess to do anything more about it (and in the back of my mind, I’m always thinking its the eating habits part). Question: How do you manage with eating out then? Do you just not? I feel like that just kills the whole diet but so hard to stay away from. Also, after you lost the 10 lbs, did you have to maintain that diet to keep the weight off?

    • Hey Kathleen! Of course I remember you! 🙂 What a great question! You inspired me to write a post about it – Please ask me more questions, or if you have any feedback/comments, feel free to write those, too.

  2. hi, I just found your blog 🙂

    I love this! I have always wanted to write an expensive self help book with “exclusive diet secrets” in it that said something along those lines…like you would just open the book or down load the pdf and on eac page it would have one sentence that just said..
    Eat real food!
    move more!
    eat only as many calories as you need not as many as you want!
    stop eating so much sugar!

    but I suspect I would get few sales due to sarcasm…
    however It is surprising how many people don’t know this…I know it…I just haven’t always done it…until now 🙂

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