I didn’t start strength training until a couple years ago.  Before I started strength training, all I did was run.  Run run run.  Even with my gym membership, I would only go there to use the treadmill.  However, cardio is a fantastic way to start your weight loss journey!  It definitely helped me start mine.

Here are a couple before pictures of me and my big, pale legs (and sexy muffin top):

fat legs combo

Here is an after pic of me and my tan legs – (this is after I started running, but before I started strength training):

tan legs

At this point, I hadn’t done a single lunge, squat, calf raise, hamstring curl…none of that.  Cardio is the key to helping you reach your calorie deficit so you can burn off fat, and it definitely can help transform your legs!  Any cardio is good as long as your heart rate is up.  If you don’t know where to start, start by walking.  That’s what I did, and I slowly built up my endurance levels so I could run miles at a time!


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