Lulu Wunder Under Crops – Worth $82?!

Ok, lezzbehonest – I love Lulu clothing, simply because the fabric forms to your body, and it can absorb your sweat well.  It can make any girl look good, even if you have a flat ass, a huge gut, a fat back, you name it.  It covers up imperfections extremely well.

But honestly, $82 for a pair of running tights?? $108 for a track jacket??  …..Okay.  I admit, I have both.

I have the Wunder Under Crops that are reversible.  When I tried them on at the store, I felt like they were meant to be.  (That’s what Lulu clothing does to you, dammit)!  They felt so perfect right away, and I loved the colors – a vibrant blue on one side, and a light mint color on the other side.  I made sure to bend over in the fitting room to see if they were transparent, and they definitely were not.  I was camel-toe-free also!

The higher waistband is nice because it makes your tummy look smaller.  The fabric is really soft and just the right thickness.  There is a small hidden pocket in the front of the waistband that I haven’t utilized yet, but I’m sure I’ll stash my house key or some bobby pins in there at some point.  There is also a Lulu logo only on the mint colored side, on the bottom of the left pant leg.

On the Lulu website, the review for the Wunder Unders are really mixed.  Some say the fabric is too sheer, but I don’t have that issue.  Some complained of a camel toe, but I didn’t have that issue either.  My advice is to actually try them on and see for yourself (make sure to do the squat test also).  It seems that the pants really work for some people, such as myself, but not so much for others.

I am 5’3″, about 127, and got a size 6.  I am larger on the bottom than on the top, so if you have the same measurements as I do but are smaller in your legs then I’d go with a size 4.

Verdict: To me, the pants are worth it because they fit well, and are reversible, so I’m really getting two pairs for the price of $82.  I love love love the colors, and the stretchiness of them.  This is still really expensive for some pants I’m just going to sweat up a storm in, so they will probably be the only Lulu pants I’ll have for awhile!  Oh, Lulu.  It’s a love hate relationship.




Hope my review was helpful!


16 responses to “Lulu Wunder Under Crops – Worth $82?!

      • i love them! lol. It’s better than the Nike tempo shorts (which i own too and I can live with as well). Waist band is prob similar to the crops you have, and has lots of pocket slots. It’s comfortable. I do hate how pricey it is. I cant buy every color!

  1. The reversible WU crops are on sale for $59 right now on their site. I just picked up the soot/pizazz crops 🙂

      • You should also look at the Luxtreme WU crops. They fit a little tighter and are not as stretchy, but they are like a second skin and awesome to work out in!

      • By the way, if you live close to a LL store, you should join their run club. They usually give out free gear if you go often enough 😉

    • the lulu selection for guys is pretty slim, and all the guys’ stuff seems pretty plain (a plain black tee with a small lulu logo on the back of the shirt). i’d roll with nike probs 🙂

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