I have to admit, I’m a little biased here.  I’m a runner.  I’ve been a runner for the past 9 years or so, and running is what helped me lose weight in the first place (see my transformation pictures here:

However, about a week ago, I got on the bike machine at the gym for the first time to avoid the dreaded treadmill.  As soon as I turned up the resistance and kept my RPMs between 90 and 100, I could feel that burning sensation! My inner thighs were burning, and soon after, my butt was burning like crazy, too.  Sounds strange, but I actually love that burning feeling, because it really makes me feel like I’m working my ass off.  I biked for a strong 20 minutes, but….omg what?  I can’t believe I burned less than 100 calories in those 20 minutes!  I normally burn almost 300 calories if I’m on the treadmill for the same amount of time!  (I also sweat a ton more while running…. gross..)

So here’s the breakdown:

Running pros:

  • Burns the most calories (ideal for fat loss)!!!
  • High impact, can build strong bones
  • Is accessible anywhere (no equipment necessary)
  • Gets your heart rate up

Running cons:

  • May not be the best for you if you have joint problems

Biking pros:

  • Low impact, great for joints
  • Great burning sensation 🙂

Biking cons:

  • Doesn’t burn as many calories as the treadmill

Since running burns the most calories, it is the best type of cardio for fat loss!  However, if you have a bad knee or bad joints, I would highly  recommend biking as an alternative.  Biking creates a better burning feeling and it’s easier on the joints.  As for me, I’m going to start switching up my cardio (which I do after all my workouts, with the exception of leg days).  I’m going to try going back and forth between running and biking to create variety and different challenges.  To me, running is more difficult because your whole body is engaged and you have to be able to control your breathing.  Biking creates a better burn in your legs and is easier on the joints.

The best type of cardio that suits you is your choice.  But if nothing is stopping you from running, and you want to lose fat, running is definitely the way to go! 🙂



  1. I agree, running is excellent, the calorie burn and the fatloss are excellent and your fitness increases really quickly when running…It is one of those exercises that you can see an improvement really quickly.
    I, myself, am progressing quickly from truly terrible to merely awful, I am hoping for mediocre in a week or so! 😀

    • hahaha hey progress is progress! 🙂 yea and its also one of those things where if you stop doing it for a week, then you backtrack unfortunately loll

      • yes, that is true 🙂 I was once an average runner…then I stopped and regressed to awful in no time at all! oh well…back on it now 😀

  2. That was a good post. I’m a runner as well and have tried biking. It’s weird though, biking hurts my knees like crazy so I’d much rather run. Also, could I see what your work out plan is? I struggle to put mine together effectively and would like tips. My real email is thanks!

  3. Don’t forget about swimming. Excellent cardio, low impact. Wont get you cut like running but u still get a good cardio workout.

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