Let’s face it.  The gym can get boring.  We fall into the same routines at the gym, get too comfortable, end up not getting a lot out of our time there, and get discouraged easily.

Here are some ways to avoid that boredom:

1.  Go up on your weights!

The gym gets boring when you aren’t challenged.  Try going up on your weights for one set (or more if you can).

2.  Try new machines!

Swap out your usual treadmill for the elliptical.  Or try using a machine you’ve never used before!

3.  Switch up your normal routine!

If you normally do your workouts in a certain order, try doing it in a different order.  I recently started doing pyramids for my chest routine, so instead of doing the same 3-sets-of-10-reps-each thing, I started doing dropsets – 5 sets, starting at 12 reps, then 10, 8, 6, and 4, while upping my weights for each set.  That definitely helped make my chest days a little more exciting!

4.  Try new exercises!

Throw in some new exercises in your routine.  That should create challenges, which can help cure your boredom.  For example, if it’s back day at the gym, try doing renegade rows ( instead of just the dumbbell bent-over rows.

5.  Try a new class!

Gyms usually offer a variety of classes, including a weight lifting class, yoga, kickboxing, etc.  Join a class and be surrounded by a group of motivated individuals!

6.  Set goals for yourself!

This really helped me cure my boredom at the gym.  The treadmill was getting soooo boring that I wouldn’t even run that much anymore.  But then I set a goal for myself to run at least 2 miles every time, and that helped me have a goal to really strive for.  I also used The Rock’s cardio workout as a goal for myself – .  For cardio, he does a 5 minute warm up, 12 minutes high intensity, and a 5 minute cool down, and I also try to do that when I’m on the treadmill.

7.  Buddy up!

Having a friend with you at the gym can help motivate you!  You can help push each other, encourage each other, and get that last burst of energy to finish a set or workout.

8.  Have upbeat music!

Research shows that having upbeat music can have a positive effect on your workout.  Upbeat music can increase body rhythms, which may help you push yourself a little bit more.  Also, downloading new music for me helps me actually look forward to a workout so I can listen to my awesome, new music.

9.  Lastly, be creative!

Always be thinking of new ways to challenge yourself.  Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.  Make it a goal to try a new machine every time you go to the gym.  There are so many workouts you can do, in addition to what you are already doing at the gym.  Workouts that are not challenging are just a waste of your time, so be creative. Incorporate new workouts in, bring a friend along, find some upbeat music, and that should help!

You, too, can look like this at the gym:


hahaha 🙂  Byebye, boredom!




  1. Not only is trying new machines, sets and workouts a good way to keep your mind from being bored, it also works wonders as far as keeping your body from plateauing as well. I do most of my training at home with a TRX, but it definitely still applies.

    • haha oh youre that weirdo, huh? 🙂 i really like jayz’s new album…might put up my playlist on here next week, but not sure if people have similar tastes in music lol

  2. I enjoyed this post, great suggestions! I have a home gym and it does get boring and routine after a while. Music is a huge motivator (listening to upbeat, fast-paced songs). And when I can, I’ll switch it up for a hike or playing tennis so I’m not confined to just gym equipment and weights.

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