I guess the trend for this week on my blog is chest! Chest chest chest.

Well, here is a fantastic example of what NOT to do when you bench press (listen with music if possible):

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this? 😀 lol


11 responses to “PERFECT BENCH PRESSING FORM…. not!

  1. OMG! That is funny…but then not really. He’s going to hurt himself. He should probably drop the amount of weight he’s using to help with his form. And a spotter is probably a good idea. He’s gonna put his back out or something! Just so you know, I really enjoy all your videos, especially the ones where you demonstrate the moves. It helps us all avoid what this guy is doing! LOL!!

    • lol hilarious video right?!! he’s gonna hurt himself lol.

      aw thank you for watching my vids! that makes me happy that someone out there thinks its helpful!! lol. 🙂

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