Just kidding.  But I did take my first pole-dancing class last night.  I was intrigued by it as a form of exercise, and have no plans of becoming a “professional” stripper.  Just wanna put that out there.

I had done some research before committing myself to a six-week Pole Dancing 101 series, including yelping reviews, and hearing about this place by word of mouth.  All the reviewers on yelp had commented about the amazing teacher, the warm and welcoming environment, and how they gained lots of confidence after taking this class.  They raved about getting in touch with their womanhood and how sexy they felt.  I didn’t really care for all that, though.  The comment that appealed to me most was that one reviewer wrote that she saw her body tone up from taking the course.  Yes yes yes!  I want to tone up as well, so I thought I might as well try it.  I love trying new exercise classes, and I had nothing to lose.

In the class, we started out with a lot of slow stretching and rolling of the neck and shoulders.  The slow pace of this class was something I had to adjust to, because I’m only accustomed to fast-paced exercises, like HIIT cardio, crossfit, kickboxing, you know – something where you gotta keep moving and go as fast as you can.  Well, this was the opposite.  Think of it as a race to go as slooooooow as you can.  And I  mean slow.  It’s pretty challenging, and I probably looked nervous and awkward while we were practicing our slow, sexy “stripper” walk lol.

We then learned how to do the spin.  Yes.  The spin.  It is much easier than it looks!  I thought I was gonna just slide straight down the pole and land on my ass with a huge thud, but it actually doesn’t take much effort to spin around the pole.  Even some of the uncoordinated and less athletic people in the class had no trouble spinning around that pole.  The pole doesn’t discriminate!  The only issue I had was that my hands felt like they were getting calluses.  It’s a tiny bit rough on the hands.  I would wear my weight lifting gloves, but ….that would look pretty bizarre, and also I think there would be too much friction to allow me to spin around.

We learned part of a routine towards the last half of class.  By the time the six-week series is over, we will have learned the entire routine, which I’m looking forward to!

Overall, I had a lot of fun getting out of my comfort zone, learning new things, and meeting new people. It was definitely intimidating at first, but I knew that once I got over that initial period of anxiety or anticipation, everything always turns out fine.  I don’t feel like I got a really good workout or burned a LOT of calories, but again, this was only the first class, and it’s not like we were working at a strip club and dancing all night for dolla bills.  More updates on my pole dancing shenanigans to come! 🙂


“I love pole dancing classes!” – cute puppy




  2. Ya know I hear a lot of people take that to get more flexible, all kidding aside. Whatever helps! Good luck, and thanks for following me 🙂

  3. I love these types of classes because unlike a treadmill, you’re doing exercise that can be fun so you’re not thinking about it being exercise, and you’re learning a talent (albeit hopefully not one you’d consider professionally lol). Great blog, thanks for visiting mine too!

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