MY FAVORITE SANDWICH – quick lunch idea

This is going to be hard to believe for most of you guys, but I literally ate this sandwich every day at work for 7 months straight.  Occasionally i’d skip out and get something else instead, but my co-workers will tell you that my I had the most predictable lunch ever.

Here’s my sandwich:


The insides include: 2 slices of turkey meat, 1 slice of provolone cheese, half an avocado, and 1 roma tomato.

This was super easy and convenient to bring every day – I’d pack my sandwich the night before without the avocado and tomato.  Then at lunch I would add in the avocado and the tomato.  I don’t recommend making the entire sandwich in the morning because your bread will be soggy.

Sometimes I would make this on Saturdays for lunch as well.  Yea, I was obsessed.  On the weekend, I’d spread some olive oil on the bread and heat it up on the skillet to make the bread nice and crispy (as in the picture above).  🙂  Enjoy!


22 responses to “MY FAVORITE SANDWICH – quick lunch idea

    • the avocado adds a ton of flavor! one time i didnt have an avocado…the sandwich seemed so plain and boring and tasteless without it 😦

  1. this looks sooooo good. only thing is, im not that great on picking avocados =( when iget them from the store should they be rock hard or soft and mushy? then iwouldnt even know how to begin to cut it once igot it home (but iguess icould find a youtube video for that?)

  2. Looks great except for that avocado thing. I keep trying them but I just can’t handle them. Oh well. As for eating the same thing every day, I have the same mentality. If I like something, I’ll stick with it 🙂

    • thanks! yea and if you don’t get tired easily of eating the same thing every day, this is definitely an easy option! hahaha 🙂

  3. It’s only 9:14am where I am and I would like to have that now. Yum!
    I used to make a sani on a bagel, almost daily (not a good idea), that had black forest ham, tomato, lettuce and cheese with mustard. Oh it was good. I even had people at my job at the time want me to make one for them. 🙂 So good.

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