So how’s your stripping class going?”  is how my coworkers and brother like to refer to my pole dancing class lol.  Anyway…

My second pole dancing class seemed to go a lot better than the first.  Not because I was terrible the first time, but because it was a little more fast paced this time.  I actually felt like I got a better workout in.  I worked up a little sweat!  Woohoooo.  I always feel more accomplished when I’m sweaty!

We started off with stretching, neck-rolling, body-rolling, hip-rolling, all that good stuff (still too slow-paced for me), but then we did abs.  Doing an ab workout slooooowly is pretty darn tough.  After that we practiced our sexy stripper walk (just imagine walking as slowly as possible) and our crawl.  That’s right…we had to crawl on all fours around the room.  On hardwood floor.  Note to self: wear leg warmers next time.

I felt better about my pole spin this time.  I had more control and my core seemed a little stronger.  Well, not that my limbs were flailing everywhere last time, but I felt pretty good about it this time.  Like a true professional lol. We learned a new spin called the “back hook”, where we spin backwards with our leg hooked around the pole.  That wasn’t too bad, either.

I must admit, this isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I guess if I ever end up unemployed, I’ll have a backup job at Deja Vu 🙂

P.s. – We danced to Beyonce’s song called Speechless.  OMG.  Sexiest song ever.  Please go listen to it…NOW!


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