I’ve been very very bad.  First, I planned to cheat on my diet.  Then, I actually cheated ON my planned cheat weekend by going running.  Terrible, I know.  But that’s besides the point.  I hadn’t eaten this bad in sooooo long!!

The reason for this epic cheat weekend:  my bf’s birthday.  He said he was going to have a cheat weekend for his bday (he’s big on healthy eating also), so I decided to join in on the fun.  I couldn’t let him eat all that crap by himself! 🙂

Saturday:  We went to Ihop, and I ordered the Cinnastacks french toast combo, with eggs, turkey bacon, and hashbrowns 🙂

(I did do my leg workout that morning before the madness)!



For dinner, we went to our favorite steakhouse for the bf’s bday, and ordered a half dozen oysters, and the 26 oz. prime chateaubriand, with lobster mashed potatoes.  Mmm mm mm.

Tableside for 2 :)

Tableside for 2 🙂

We finished off dinner with our usual dessert there, the Meyer lemon pie.

Needless to say, I felt fat.  Really really fat.  But our cheat weekend was well-deserved!

Sunday:  Don’t judge me – we went to Ihop AGAIN!  I did manage to get a run in that morning though!

This time I got the strawberry and banana french toast, with a side of eggs and hashbrowns.

On our way to dinner, we caught this beauuutiful sunset!

For dinner, we went to a soul food restaurant, where my boyfriend ordered catfish, and I got the gumbo with delicious cornbread on the side!


Ok, that’s not all.  We then headed to Dilletante’s, a dessert place that has THE best cheesecake ever!

Raspberry cheesecake!

Raspberry cheesecake!

Was eating all that crap worth it?  Well, yes, because everything was delicious, and I know I’ll be able to work it all off.  But I felt like crap after the weekend was over……but that feeling is only temporary 🙂 So yes yes yes, it was wonderful for the time being!

I went to the gym Monday and Tuesday (and I still worked out Saturday and Sunday), so I’m back on track!  Guess I didn’t really skip a day, but all that eating kind of cancelled it out lol.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe labor day weekend!


10 responses to “EPIC CHEAT WEEKEND

    • hahaha i have some from when we went there before..but we’ve been there so many times that we don’t even need pictures of the steak anymore. lol

  1. You have to enjoy weekends like that once and awhile and like you said…you are back on track. It makes you appreciate how you eat day to day when you have the fun times like this. Happy birthday to your guy.

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