Why on earth would I start drinking almond milk when I’m not even lactose intolerant???  Well, I initially started drinking almond milk instead of my usual skim milk because I was on the Paleo diet – no dairy allowed.  Almond milk was a great substitute because it had the same consistency as skim milk, and it had pretty good flavor.  It also had less calories than skim milk!

Left: skim milk, Right: almond milk

Left: skim milk, Right: original flavored almond milk

I usually drink the original flavored almond milk and sometimes I drink the unsweetened almond milk, too.

As you can see, the almond milk has more calcium and other essential vitamins in there, so I am still getting my calcium that I’d normally get from milk.  There is a little bit more fat (unsaturated, though) in the almond milk, which is there to give it a creamier taste to imitate the consistency of skim milk.  And even though skim milk also has more protein in it, I never really used milk as a protein source anyway.

The most appealing thing to me about almond milk is that it is lower in calories (the unsweetened is only 40 calories per cup)!

I definitely recommend trying almond milk if you haven’t already 🙂 weeeee


15 responses to “WHY I DRINK ALMOND MILK

  1. I started drinking almond milk as well because I was on the paleo diet and I have kept drinking it. I like it and drink the unsweetened stuff. Well, I don’t really drink milk but have it on my cereal or in a shake.

    Why did you stop doing the paleo diet?

    • oh nice! I’m actually still on the paleo diet, but instead of 100% paleo (when I was trying to slim down), my diet is now only about 80-90% paleo 🙂 So occasionally i’ll drink regular skim milk, but I mostly stick to almond milk!

      • You and I should chat more then about Paleo. I found I couldn’t maintain it because my exercising suffered, I felt heavy and tired when I tried to run. I have started eating more grains and cereal in the morning and they seem to help. I don’t eat bread very often and still stick to salads at lunch. What are some things that you do to get carbs that aren’t bread/grains? That is what I found I was missing.

      • i eat lots of fruit and veggies! i used to eat that sandwich at lunch so those two pieces of bread would be my only source of refined carbs. but fruits and veggies usually give me enough energy to exercise. right now i’m eating about a cup of rice every day as a source of carbs instead of the bread from the sandwich.

      • I eat a lot of F & V too but I found it wasn’t enough to get me through. I will try rice and see if that helps me. Thanks for the help.

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