You should do them because…I did. And I’m SO SORE!

I did them for the first time this past Saturday, after having a leg day with my lovely friend Annette.  She usually does sumo squats only, and I had only tried regular squats before.  So I was intrigued, and thought I’d give it a try on my next leg day.

A sumo squat is where your feet are wider than shoulder width, and pointed out at a 45 degree angle.  A regular squat is where your feet are about shoulder width and pointed straight ahead.

You should look something like this (with some clothes on, maybe):


Sumo squats really work your INNER thighs and glutes.  I actually felt it more in my glutes than I do with normal squats.  My inner thighs are so freakin’ sore right now that it was hard to sit like a lady this weekend.  Even my brother said, “Why don’t you be a damn lady?!  Stop sitting like a dude!!!”

I did 3 sets of regular squats, and 3 sets of sumo squats.  It’s hard to walk now but it feels good to be sore 🙂

Give it a shot next time you do your legs!! 🙂  Happy squatting! lol




  1. Diddly squats? That was really funny. Sumo squats are hard. Wait a couple of days. You think you are going to die and then you wish you would. Love your blog. I have a question. When does the scale move…you know, downward? Sheesh. I’m waiting.

    • lol ughhh its a slow process. its hard to be patient with it though huh?

      yea sumo squats are awesome. i cant wait for my next leg day so i can feel this sore again!!! lol

  2. Oh Grace! I know that soreness that you are feeling. I felt that a few weeks ago when my friend Grace was visiting and she made me do jump squats, sumo squats and another one that made me walk funny for a week. haha

    Getting up from sitting I looked like an old lady and I had to use the side of the tub to help me sit to go to the bathroom. But I wouldn’t change it!

    • hahaha i know! i look so funny when im walking, and sitting down hurts. i have to do it suuuuper slowly lol can’t wait for my next leg workout though!!

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