I’ve been sluffin’.  Haven’t posted anything in a longass time, because 1) I’ve lost motivation, and 2) shit has happened and I haven’t had the heart to write anything.

Everything has been the same exercise-wise, except for a terrible, terrible injury that will keep me out of the gym for awhile.

Check it out:


It looks so nasty!  I smashed my finger in between two dumbbells and didn’t think anything of it.  I thought I’d look at it anyway, and only 2 seconds after i smashed my finger, the blister had already formed and it was already purple like in the picture.  It was bigger yesterday and really hard (that’s what she said), but now it’s a tad bit smaller.

It’s hard to do things without using my index finger.  It’s hard to type, put in my contacts, open doors, etc.  How will i survive?!

just kidding, I’m being overly dramatic.  But this ish sucks nonetheless.

Hope everyone’s having a great Monday! 🙂


16 responses to “GYM INJURY!

  1. I was just thinking of you! Yikes. I’m sorry….that looks horrible. 😦
    I posted an article called Mental Strength…..but I don’t think you could use it at this point – maybe later when you feel better and I hope that is soon. Back to writing and my dreaded V-Up’s. I didn’t go to Cross Fit this morning so I have to do my own version of gut busting exercises. Shoot me! Barbie

  2. Very sorry for that injury. Looks bad, and it must hurt quite a bit. It was still nice to see you post, though. I appreciated 3 things about your post: your use of the suffix “ass” to create a new word indicating an extreme amount (I tend to do this as well :-); interjecting a “that’s what she said” (yeah, I do that too); and using that picture to give us all that cringeworthy moment.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Ouch! This almost happened to me last week,but it was close to my knuckle. I was lucky to have moved my finger just in time. Glad you’re back. I missed your posts. 🙂

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