I had a life changing experience last night!  Dolvett, one of the trainers on Biggest Loser, released a book last week called The 3 1 2 1 Diet.  I got the wonderful opportunity to meet him last night on his book tour (so shocked he came to Seattle)!  I’m excited to read the book and share with you guys some of the content in there.  He stressed that the book was not just about dieting, despite the title, but about permanent lifestyle changes that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

I was randomly flipping through the book while waiting for Dolvett to come out, and what caught my eye was that he had written “don’t eat fruit carbs after lunch time” because if you don’t eat fruit after lunch, “your body will tap into its fat reserves for energy, and you’ll get leaner.”  This is new information to me!  I’m going to TRY to do this!  I usually eat fruit throughout the day, so this will be a fun challenge. 🙂

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As I read through the book, I’ll be learning more and posting about what I learn (hopefully).  I’m super excited to read it because Dolvett has been such an inspiration to me on BL!  Happy hump day! 🙂


8 responses to “DOLVETT – THE 3 1 2 1 DIET

  1. NOooooo! He was here?! And I missed him?!!!! Damn it! I’m so glad you were able to meet him! He looks just as good as he does on tv!!!! Le sigh. I have heard that about fruit too except it was 2pm. I have been trying to do that and have only 2 servings of fruit a day. It is hard, I’m so used to snacking on fruit! Good luck lady! Let me know how it goes!

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